Codex Card-Time Strategy Game: Bashing VS Finesse Starter Set

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Inspired by RTS video games!
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Designer David Sirlin
Year 2016
Number of Players 2 Players
Time 45 Minutes
Ages 13+
Mechanics Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Secret Unit Deployment, Variable Player Powers
Theme Fantasy, Fighting, Video Game Theme

Ramp up your workers, build tech buildings, summon heroes, and level them up. Just like an RTS video game, concepts like build orders, fog of war, investing in your economy, and protecting your buildings and heroes all apply.


  • 37 Bashing Cards
  • 40 Finesse Cards
  • 2 Game Boards
  • 2 Patrol Zone Boards
  • Dial to track life totals
  • Chits to track other quantities
  • Rulebook