Chosen RPG Core Rulebook

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A unique combination of mythology and stellar exploration. Will you be Chosen?

Throughout history, Beasts and Wizards have fought over the fate of humanity. Now it is 2500 and the battle has begun again. Each side draws upon the Gifted, those humans with special psychic gifts - the Wizards recruit them but the Beasts actually possess them, Choosing individual Gifted to become their avatars. And you play the Gifted. Will you be Chosen?

Clockwork's third game, Chosen, is a unique combination of mythology and stellar exploration, focusing on the notion of legendary creatures come to life again in a futuristic world. The rulebook contains everything you need to play except for a handful of dice, a pencil, and some paper. So pull up a chair, gather round with your friends, and enter a world where myths are real and so are the monsters - but which are which?