Chess Set w/ Wood Board and Internal Storage (Wood Expressions) Grand English Style - Light Wood

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This English wood chess set is simply gorgeous! Includes storage space for the weighted and hand polished Kari and Sheesham wood chessmen. The beauty and fine craftsmanship of this set will be enjoyed for generations! Modern chess was invented in Europe, based on an Arabic game (Shatranj) that was based on an Indian game (Chaturanga). During the Middle Ages it spread across Europe and evolved into the game we know and love today. Chess is a game of infinite variations and possibly the most challenging strategy game ever created, it has lasted through the centuries and is played in every corner of the world.

English Staunton style chess pieces are weighted & hand polished crafted from sheesham & kari wood
King measures 3.5 in. with 1.63 in. diameter base pieces collectively weigh 2.4 lbs.
Beautiful wooden board holds the pieces inside with antique style latch closure
Board measures 17.43 x 17.43 x 2.5 in. with 1.75 in. squares
Includes 32 chessmen with felt bottoms