Cheese Louise

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Any way you slice it, Cheese Louise is fun! Flavorful game play and a yummy brainteaser game for families! This speedy little puzzle game gets everyone reaching, spinning, stacking and switching out pieces of cheese! The copious condiments - peanut butter, jelly, pickle, ketchup, mustard, and olives - simply MUST NOT be seen through the skimble-skamble holes of the Swiss. Its delicious fun to be first to find the cheese slices to cover all the tasty toppings on the bread! More than another cheesy game - Cheese Louise is condiment-crazy challenge that tempts your speed, critical thinking, and acute visual skills. A riot of fun as a group game and a time-pleasing solitaire game, too.

Cheeeese Louissseee! It's not easy, but cover the toppings well, chum. Get it done so you become - THE BIG CHEESE.

Cheese Louise
A flavorful visual game and thinking challenge
A yummy brainteaser game for families!
Cover the toppings so they are hidden under the cheese!
Encourages visual-spatial thinking, reaction time and interaction
Ideal for group and solitaire play
Darling graphic illustrations
24 Double Sided Bread Puzzles
22 Slices of foam Cheese
1 Slice of Plain Bread
Easy to follow game rules included