Catan: Legend of the Sea Robbers Scenario Expansion

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Relive the exciting Catanian Legend! Become a clan leader whose adventures take place roughly 70 years after the arrival of the the first settlers. The Catanians have settled large regions of Catan and are starting to explore their surroundings by ship. One day outsiders appear at the coast of Catan. Shipwrecked! Where did they come from and what happened to them?

..and so the legend begins.

The story unfolds over 4 chapters. In each chapter, the Council of Catan gives you special tasks. You work for the benefit of your clan and open up new regions by building roads and settlements. At the same time, the Council requires you to be mindful of Catan's common good. Find the right balance between achieving your own goals and those of the Council and you might win the Legend of the Sea Robbers!

This Seafarer Scenario set requires both a Catan game and the Catan: Seafarers expansion!

39 Wooden Figures
55 Game Tokens
4 Sea Robber Island Tokens
13 Friend Cards
10 Trade Option Cards
30 Spice Cards
16 Personal Overview Cards
2 Two Sided Chapter Overviews
6 New Frame pieces
4 Sea and Terrain Hexes
2 Gold Field Hexes
8 Building Cost Cards
1 Special VP Card
1 Catan Chronicle
4 Ship Tiles