Catacombs Conquest

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Catacombs Conquest combines a card game with a dexterity game.
Two or four players play cards and flick wooden discs from either the heroic Sword Team or villainous Skull Team to eliminate their opponents Health Tokens.
Features mobile obstacles that can be controlled by players to provide strategic cover or disrupt the plans of opponents.
Walls define the play area and prevent discs from falling off the table.

In the box:
Instruction Manual
Elzra's Wall System
1x Double Sided Punchboard
1x Sticker Sheet
28x Sword Team Cards
28x Skull Team Cards
5x Black Extra Large Wood Discs
1x Gray Coin Wood Disc
2x White Medium Wood Disc
2x Black Medium Wood Disc
1x Orange Small Wood Disc
1x Orange Large Wood Disc
2x Brown Extra Small Wood Discs