Carcassonne First Edition Expansion 8: Castles, Bridges & Bazaars

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First Edition Carcassonne Expansion
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Designer Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Year 2010
Number of Players 2-6
Ages 8+
Mechanics Area Majority / Influence Auction/Bidding Tile Placement
Theme Medieval
Game Video

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This eighth expansion for Carcassonne gives players new options to acquire tiles and extend roads.

Engineers continue roads over fields with the help of tall bridges. Building long roads has never been easier. Small cities can now become imposing castles that will benefit from their fief. However, each fief only represents the potential of a castle; it will be up to you to make it worth your while. Finally, peddlers are presenting their wares in grandiose bazaars. Make the most of their offers to pull ahead of the competition.

Each tile from this expansion is marked with a special icon, allowing you to sort these tiles more quickly.


  • 12 new land tiles
  • 12 castles
  • 12 wooden bridges