Captain's Wager

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The airship pirate who has claimed the most gold at the end of the game receives the title of Pirate Admiral and declares victory over the competition.
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Designer Jonathan Hager
Year 2015
Number of Players 2-5 Players
Time 30 Minutes
Ages 12+
Mechanics Betting/Wagering, Hand Management
Theme Bluffing, Pirates
Game Video

In Captains Wager, players take on the roles of rogue airship captains sending their pirate crews off on adventures in search of treasure. Problematically, several captains often show up for the same adventure. So how shall we figure out who gets what loot? We'll gamble for it of course. 


36 crew cards
90 treasure cards
13 encounter cards
5 clan item cards
35 gold tokens
20 loan tokens
1 starting captain marker
5 double sided player aids
1 rule book