Playing Cards - Canadian Bridge League (CBL) Made in Canada- Dozen Deck Display (ACBL Compatible)

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Did we mention these are made in Canada? We’re very proud to provide 100% Canadian Made cards.

Made in Canada!

Our new 6 color standard bridge size decks come in 6 vibrant colors in the format that bridge players love the most. Each deck comes in cellophane wrapping with 54 plastic coated cards and includes the jokers. Each box has one dozen decks

Designed to today’s standards, these cards will fit the vast majority of duplimate machines and duplicates boards. If you would like a free sample of 13 cards by letter mail please send us via an email your full mailing address ( Canadian residents only). Some bridge boards made by the ACBL and Baron Barclay about 1985 – 1992 may not fit as there was an error in the board constructions and the two center slots are too narrow for standard bridge cards. The cards measure 2.25 inches by 3.5 inches.