Call to Adventure: Name of the Wind Expansion

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Set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Kingkiller Chronicle series, The Name of the Wind expansion allows players to build heroes and tell their stories in Patrick Rothfuss’s rich and compelling world.
Designer Chris O'Neal, Johnny O'Neal
Year 2019
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Time 30-60 Minutes
Ages 13+
Mechanics Deck/Pool Building, Dice Rolling, Set Collection, Storytelling
Theme Fantasy, Novel-Based
Game Video

Call to Adventure: The Name of the Wind takes players to the world of Patrick Rothfuss's revered Kingkiller Chronicle, one of the most highly praised fantasy series of all time. 

Using this shuffle-in expansion, players will be able to create heroes and tell their stories of adventure in the world of the Four Corners. The expansion includes 80 all new cards, as well as an all new Naming mechanic that mimics the esoteric magic of the books to give players more power and options than ever before.

The shuffle in expansion includes all new Origins, Motivations, Destinies, story cards, and Hero and Antihero cards, and introduces an all new mechanic: Naming. It’s a must buy for fans of Call to Adventure or fans of the books!


  • rules errata 
  • rules
  • curated card list
  • all new hero and antihero cards 
  • new adversary cards 
  • deck of new origins, motivations, and destinies 
  • and more!