The Couple That Games Together, Stays Together! - Couples Games For Your Valentine!

Here at Mission: Fun & Games, we have a saying: "The couple that games together, stays together." Games are an amazing way to spend time with your significant other, connecting through play. So, to celebrate Valentine's Day, we decided to put together a list of a couple of... couples games. Pick one up for your special someone!

...And Then We Held Hands

Price: C$34.95
30-45 Min

Silent Affection

...and then, we held hands is a cooperative game for two players. Working together, you and your partner will attempt to fulfill objectives by selectively discarding emotion cards, moving towards the center of the board as you do. You can spend either your own cards or your partner's. So what's the catch? As you play, you and your partner must communicate entirely non-verbally. No words, no grunts, no pleas for the sweet embrace of death.

What better way to develop your communication skills as a couple?


Price: C$39.95
Players: 2
Ages: 8+
Playtime: 15-30 Min.

Sewn With Love

Patchwork is a game about quilting... What? That doesn't sound exciting? Well trust us, this award winning game by famed designer Uwe Rosenberg will have you and your partner hunched over the table, puzzling out your next move, in no time. Players take turns buying patches to add to their quilt (constructed on a 9x9 grid). However, these patches are not all shaped the same way,. Players must balance buying the most valuable patches as well as fitting them onto your board tetris-style.

Fog of Love

Price: C$58.95
Players: 2
Ages: 17+
Playtime: 60-120 Min.

Love and War

This one is a particular favourite at the store. Featured during 2018's year end Staff Favourites list as well as in our article on Diversity and Inclusivity in Board Game Design, Fog of Love is a compelling and utterly unique title. Since she has already elucidated our readers as to the merits of this wonderful game, I'm going to let the author of that article, Leah, tell you why you need this game in your collection: 

"A rich, nuanced story-telling experience for two players. Each player will take on the traits, occupation, and features of a fictional character of their own creation - although we also enjoy playing as favourite pop culture characters! - and together they’ll navigate scenes both sweet and serious in nature. It's like playing out a rom-com in vignette on your tabletop, where the choices you make affect not only yourself and your partner - or opponent! - but also your very destiny. There is no other game like this."


Price: C$33.95
Players: 2
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 30 Min.

Merchants of Love

This game is designed to be played with exactly two players. No more, no less. Surprising no one, this makes it an amazing gift for the couple who plays board games together. Each player takes the role of a merchant trying to sell their goods for their maximum value while preventing their opponent from doing the same. Collecting sets of goods often results in a better payout, but don’t neglect those camels…

This game’s portability and small space requirement makes it an ideal little game to play whenever and wherever you need to insert a little gaming into your life. With a new edition released in 2019, Jaipur remains a must-add to any geeky couple's gaming collection.

These are just a few of our favourite tabletop games for couples. For even more ideas for geeky valentine's gifts, check out our Valentine's Day section!



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