New Website Feature: Back In Stock Notification

If you're anything like us, one of the most annoying things about shopping is when you find out that the item that you've been looking for is out of stock. While we try our best to anticipate demand and place our orders accordingly, every so often a title will outpace our expectations, selling out with customers still waiting in the wings.

Luckily, now has a Back in Stock Notification feature, making it easy for our customers to stay in the loop regarding restocks. Now, if you find yourself shopping on our website and see that we are out of a particular item, a box will appear, giving you the option to receive a notification when the item comes back in stock. Simply type your email address into the field provided, and an email will fly into your in box "faster than the windspeed of a laden swallow" when the title comes back in stock.

This feature makes it a cinch to keep track of the games on your wish list, taking a little bit of the stress out of online shopping. It will also make it easier for us to connect our customers with the newest and hottest titles, such as the game Wingspan pictured above. We expect Wingspan sales to really "take off".

We look forward to adding more features to our website in the near future.

Alex, Editor Errant
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