Drew's October Recommendations

This week, Drew gives us a list of five games that struck his fancy in the month of October.

#1: Smash Up!

A card game where you get to mash together your favourite genres and have them battle it out. A great game if you want some quick fun. I like the crazy combinations you can make like zombie/dinosaurs or robot/pirates. Great for parties or board game night with a few friends. Watch out for zombie ninjas! They replicate at a fast rate, and turning the ninjas undead adds a certain something that, let's just say, isn't too friendly. I like to buy games that have many expansions that are purchasable as well. They add more replayability to the game and provide an ever-changing bag of goodies to draws from! Luckily, Smash Up! boasts a plethora of expansions to keep things fresh.

#2: Stock Ticker

I know, it's an old one. But trust me, it's a goodie! This game combines strategy with the stock market. And who doesn't like the stock market? Plus, the only money you lose is fake! Diversify, diversify, diversify. That is the true strategy to winning. Believe me, there is a risk of wanting to learn more about the actual stock market just to have a leg up on the other players the next time you play! Currently out of print - but if you come across an old copy in a thrift shop (or if you get lucky in our used games section) it is well worth picking up.

#3: Sheriff of Nottingham

Bluff, bluff, bluff. That's all you do in this game. But in all seriousness, it is #3 in my top 5 for the month. I like how you have to read people and keep your cool while the sheriff asks you questions about your product. Special shout-out to the guy at Gamealot who bluffed his way into smuggling three salt on his first hand and tricked us all!

#4: Evolution: Climate

Controlling your animals while watching them evolve is a great concept. Making sure you have enough food to feed your animals is an engaging element. Choosing the right evolutionary traits at the right time also presents an intriguing strategic puzzle. In my first game I went with a strategy that was more defensive. Pick defensive traits and you will survive. Those pesky carnivores couldn't touch me! You can check out Evolution: Climate and its variations here at our website!

#5: Gloomhaven

Basically, a Dungeons & Dragons campaign in a box, no dungeon master required. The game does all the work for you! With over 93 different scenarios, there is a guarantee that the fun won't stop. This massive beast of a game (weighing around 9 kg) will keep you busy for hours. Andm when you do finally beat its campaign, there is an upcoming expansion that'll keep you coming back for more! Watch out for roving bands of Inox. No matter how friendly they seem, a pack of them will always attack! Best character is the Mindthief no matter what anyone tells you. 

What were your favourite games that you played this month? Let us know in the comments below!

Drew Korven - Your Fellow Necromancer
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