Announcing, Board Games 101!

Mission: Fun & Games and is proud to announce the launch of a new article series on our site: Board Games 101. This series of articles is aimed at introducing those who are new to the table top hobby to the essential concepts, terminology, and genres that make board gaming the great hobby that it is.

Wondering what makes a euro game? Need some help getting into miniatures painting? Confused about the difference between a deck builder and a collectible card game? Board Games 101 is the resource you need!

Each article will explore a different part of the table top medium, providing an in-depth explanation of a particular genre or concept in board gaming. You’ll learn about the mechanics that go into making a game as well as its core appeal from a player standpoint. In addition, each article will provide a helpful recommendation of a specific game or product to get you started.

The first article of the series is already available; our Board Games Glossary lists many of the key concepts in board gaming, providing a succinct definition to each.

We hope that you’ll join us on this foray into the board gaming hobby, and welcome all those new board gamers who are taking their first steps into the medium!

Happy gaming!

Alex, Editor Errant
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