Big City Jumbo Edition: Urban Upgrade Expansion

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Do you want even more Big City? Then it is time for an URBAN UPGRADE!
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In Big City: Urban Upgrade, you'll find 2 new neighborhoods and brand-new waterfront tiles to build. To help bring all these new properties to life we're also giving you 4 new building types as well as extra buildings. As with the base game, there new buildings look huge and amazing. This expansion also adds all the pieces needed for a 5th payer - now even more people can enjoy competing for the best properties! This is an URBAN UPGRADE you don't want to miss.

  • 15 more large building Miniatures including 4 brand new building types never before released (Police Station, Hospital, Parking Garage, School)
  • 2 additional Modular Neighborhood Boards (Neighborhood 9 and 0)
  • New Waterfront Tile (Brand New - never before released!)
  • Additional player markers to add a 5th player (Scoring Marker/ +100 Marker).
  • 18 Property Cards
  • Rules Sheet

THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE GAME. You will need Big City Jumbo 20th Anniversary Edition to play this expansion.