Problem Picnic

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It's a perfect day for a picnic! The park fills with families, spreading their blankets, and setting out colourful plates loaded with delicious treats.
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Designer Scott Almes
Year 2017
Number of Players 2-4
Time 20-30 Minutes
Ages 6+
Mechanics Area Control/Area Influence, Dice Rolling, Set Collection, Take That
Theme Children's Game
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In Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants, players are competing ant colonies trying to steal the best plates of food from the picnic blankets. In this 2-4 player, dice-rolling dexterity game, the dice are your ants. Roll them onto the picnic cards, trying to get the most ants onto the best foods. Different custom dice at your disposal represent your industrious Workers, speedy Scouts, and sturdy Soldiers. At the end of the day, the colony that has arranged their stolen plates to best satisfy the whims of the Queen will earn the most points and win the game.

24 Custom Resin Silkscreened Dice (one D12, two small D6, three regular D6 per player)
54 Picnic Cards
6 Power/Round Cards
1 Puddle Card
7 Action Tokens
16 Score Cards
12 Reward Scoring Tokens
24 Tie Scoring Tokens
1 Rule Set