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Bemused is a card game for 4-6 players in which the players take on the role of muses
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Designer Jim Felli
Year 2017
Number of Players 4-6 Players
Time 15-30 Minutes
Ages 12+
Mechanics Hand Management, Hidden Victory Points, Take That, Variable Player Powers

Bemused is a card game for 4-6 players in which the players take on the role of muses seeking to elevate their chosen human virtuosos to the greatest height of celebrity and influence. Unfortunately, all the virtuosos are equally talented in channeling their own muse's inspiration. Thus, rather than inspire their own protege, the muses have decided to to eliminate their protege's rivals by levying doubts and dreads upon them until they are driven insane... or worse.

Bemused is not a social deduction game, nor is it a hidden roles game. Players do not win by learning another player's secret or by solving a puzzle. While the game employs some deductive reasoning and secret agendas, it is first and foremost a social experience that encourages table talk, bluffing, and deal-making as players seek to maximize their scores in a "take that" environment. It is a strategic "ruin your rivals" game.

Each player has a virtuoso card that designates their human protege and a hand of doubt and dread cards. Each turn, the player draws two doubt cards for their hand, places a doubt or dread card from their hand onto a virtuoso card, then discards a card from their hand. In some cases, a player may play two doubt cards from their hand, but this action permanently reduces their hand size. Each virtuoso has a unique ability that their muse may use on any virtuoso in the game, such as change a dread to a doubt or move a doubt from one virtuoso to another.

When a virtuoso is saddled with a combined total of five doubt and/or dread cards, the virtuoso is driven insane. An insane virtuoso still gets their turn and may still win the game, but their options for card play on their turn is limited by their insanity. If an insane virtuoso has more dread than doubts, that virtuoso dies and becomes a fantasma that haunts the remaining living virtuosos. A fantasma may still win the game!

Each muse's protege also has a gemina, a secret virtuoso in the game that shares a mysterious link with their protege, and a secret that describes how their protege feels about their gemina, and how the player's score will be affected by the state of their protege's gemina when the game ends (e.g., the player may gain points if their virtuoso's gemina is not insane at the end of the game). Once a virtuoso's gemina is revealed, a player may use the gemina's ability as well as their protege's ability! A player may also reveal and use their virtuoso's gemina for a price... but whenever a virtuoso goes insane, their gemina automatically flips over and can have severe consequences for play!

So, why not enter the world of artists and see if your virtuoso can withstand the doubts and dreads that have driven so many before them to madness and beyond...

1 Rule Book
6 Virtuoso Cards
6 Gemina Cards
66 Doubt Cards
18 Dread Cards
12 Secrets