Beezi Jr The Spelling Game

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Surprise yourself, challenge your friends.

TICKLE, HARASS, FLABBERGAST, EXUBERANT. Spell these words correctly and youre on your way to reaching the beehive.

A cool tool to improve and master your spelling.
Engaging, interactive, quick to learn and easy to play.

Cards are divided into 5 levels:

Level 1 - Age 8 + / Grade 3
Level 2 - Age 9 + / Grade 4
Level 3 - Age 10+ / Grade 5
Level 4 - Age 11+ / Grade 6
Level 5 - Age 12+ / Grade 7

A total of 1500 curriculum based words in four levels of difficulty:

Honey Bee (Easy)
Bumble Bee (Medium)
Digger Bee (Difficult)
Killer Bee (Expert)

Helpful phonetic pronunciation, word origin, part of speech and definition will help you on your way. Ditch the dictionaries and put your spelling skills to the test. You will be both challenged and entertained. Spelling has never been so much fun!

Game pieces include:

Game Board
1 die
375 cards
6 tokens