Bear Valley

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Can you survive and escape Bear Valley?
Designer Carl Chudyk
Year 2016
Number of Players 2-6 Players
Time 15-30 Minutes
Ages 8+
Mechanics Modular Board, Player Elimination, Press Your Luck
Theme Animals, Exploration
Game Video

In Bear Valley, you must be the first to survive the treacherous wilderness and escape to the safety of the camp at the end of the valley. Players start as 2-6 campers along the Bear River and must navigate the wilderness, avoiding bears and trying to not get lost.

The map of trails and challenges is built by the players as they explore the wilderness. These wilderness cards feature beautifully illustrated realistic art and have between three and six exit points along with a variety of features, both man-made and natural in origin. No two games will ever play the same.

Gameplay is structured around a clever movement mechanism in which the first player moves one card, the second player moves up to two cards, the third player three, and so on. Each of the six player characters has both advantages and disadvantages that can be used across a variety of play options — short or long play, regular or advanced.

Dive into caves, row canoes, cross bridges, climb mountains, and cut through treacherous underbrush as you stop at nothing — except bears — to be the first to reach base camp.


  • 15 Valley Cards
  • 79 Wilderness Cards
  • 6 Players Cards
  • 6 Player Tokens
  • 18 Equipment Tokens
  • 8 Gold Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook