Battletech: Clan Invasion Bundle

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In the year 3050, the true heirs of the lost Star League thunder forth from the depths of the far Periphery and carve deep into the quarreling Successor States. As the Clan juggernaut rolls across the coreward realms of the Inner Sphere, the House Lords scramble to shore up their defenses and devise some way to halt the invaders.

Back by high-tech OmniMechs bristling with advanced weapons and battlesuit-clad Elementals capable of bringing down a 'Mech, the Clan crusade drives towards the heart of human-occupied space. Do you possess the bold tactics and heroic courage to defeat warriors trained from birth to conquer? Or will you uphold Kerensky's dream, cast aside the squabbling lords of the inner Sphere, and reignite the flame of the Star League.

With this box, you'll unlock powerful new factions and 'Mechs to expand your BattleTech experience and take part in a cataclysmic conflict which will rock the Inner Sphere. The BattleTech: Clan Invasion box set includes five Iconic OmniMechs - the Timber Wolf, Executioner, Nova, Adder, and Mongrel.


Bundle also includes:

  • 2x Salvage Box: Clan Invasion
  • 1x Salvage Box: UrbanMech
  • 1x Salvage Box: Legendary Mechwarrior BattleMech
  • 1x Collector's Keychain
  • 1x Poster Bundle
  • 1x OmniMech Record Sheet Pack