Battle Foam Star Wars X-Wing Wave 4 Foam Tray (2")

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Battle foam tray for Star Wars: X-Wing

Battle foam tray for Star Wars: X-Wing.

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This tray will hold the following game pieces from the Star Wars X-Wing board game:

1x Millenium Falcon
2x B-Wings
2x Y-Wings
2x A-Wings
2x E-Wings
1x HWK-290
4x X-Wing or Z-95 Headhunter
4x Tie Fighters
2x Tie Interceptors
2x Tie Defenders
2x Tie Bombers
3x Tie Phantoms
2x Tie Advanced
1x Slave 1
1x Lambda Shuttle
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Tray Dimensions: 15.5W x 12L x 2.25H" (394W x 305L x 57H mm). 2" (50 mm) thick tray.

(Made for the Battle Foam P.A.C.K 1520XL, Air, 720, Go, 432, and 216 only)