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The castle is under siege! Hordes of monsters surround the walls as they march against the citadel. Only a brave few can stand against this dire threat. Gather your wits and prepare your defense. Bastion is a cooperative strategy game for one to four players. Taking inspiration from extremely popular tower defense video games, Bastion subjects players to an unrelenting stream of attacks by an army of vicious monsters. By channeling the sources within the citys districts, defense towers, and citadel, players work together to defend its borders, all the while gaining useful spells from the enemies they defeat. Only by properly managing their mana, spells, and rituals will they have any hope of withstanding the onslaught.

6 District Tiles
1 Citadel Tile
4 Hero Figures
90 Mana Discs
1 Castle Gate and Plastic Stand
1 Enemy Camp
4 Reference Sheets
82 Enemy Cards
30 Ritual Cards
50 Reminder Tokens