Babylon 5 CCG Psi Corps Starter Deck

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The Corps is Mother. The Corps is Father. Earth harbors more than a single race. It is also is home to Telepaths. A breed apart, Telepaths are imbued with minds distinctly alien from what we call "Human". A vast gulf separates them from the rest of humanity. And one powerful force labors to gather the telepaths to prepare them for an inevitable future War. That force is Psi-Corps. All knowing. Ubiquitous. On the surface, the Corps appears to be simply an arm of Earthgov. In truth the Corps is already a galactic power in its own right - a faction resourceful enough to pursue agendas on a scale equal to other member races represented on Babylon 5.

Now you can lead this uniquely capable faction. There IS a conspiracy growing in the galaxy. And now YOU are at the center of it. Babylon 5 is the nexus. Around it the great powers of the galaxy will rise and fall. No matter what powers of the galaxy will rise and fall. No matter what happens next, YOUR actions will decide the outcome...

Contents: Fully revised rules and 60 collectable game cards. All Psi-Corps starter decks share many common cards useful for playing the Psy-Corps faction.