Babylon 5 CCG Great War Oppositions Starter Deck

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The Babylon Project was our last hope for peace. It failed. The year is 2261. War has broken out between the ancient and powerful Shadow and Vorlon races. Like two giants fighting in a sandbox, neither side seems to care who gets crushed in-between them...

During this moment of crisis, what if Lord Refa had overcome Londo and set the course for the Centauri Republic? Or what if Neroon had gained the upper hand over Delenn? Find out by supplementing your decks with cards that make them playable as factions opposed to the B5 Ambassadors. Utilize new "Faction Leader" versions of Refa and Neroon as well as Earth's V.P. Clark and Na'Far of the Nam. Also included are cards and rules for playing games with multiple factions of the same race.

The Collectable Card Game brings to life all the action, combat and heroism portrayed in the climactic episodes of the Hugo award winning Babylon 5 series. Now internal struggles magnify the danger presented by external foes. YOUR actions will decide what happens next...

60 card supplement deck.