B-Sieged - Sons of the Abyss: Heroes Set #1 Expansion

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Axel, The Engineer. Eyra, The Thief. Seren, The Trickster

Axel, The Engineer

Axel was never a popular child. Skinny, weak, and possessed of the stutter, he wasn't much use on the family farm. He found escape from his jeering brothers and his disappointed parents in a book about mechanics he's bought at the market in Modhelm. Gears and levers, springs and screws, the way one simple mechanism connected to another - this was something Axel could understand, something he could control. Something he could do.

Eyra, The Thief

Eyra's adopted parents sent her to the Baroness's Academy for Highborn Girls, famous for bringing to heel the most wayward daughters of the empire. Eyra spent one day scouting the school for money and valuables, one day developing her escape plan, and on the third day? She was gone like a cool breeze.

Seren, The Trickster

In those times, which come to us all, when Seren reflects on her place in the world with bitter regret, she consoles herself with the old saying, "A fool and his money were lucky to have met each other in the first place." But this is unfair, Serene is not an ordinary cheat, she is a performing artist who enriches the lives of her clients, fools though they may be.

3 Figures
3 Hero Dashboards
3 Colored Hero Bases

* Required a B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss Core box to play