Arcadia Quest - Pets Expansion

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Pets are a brand new system that can be added to ANY Arcadia Quest experience.

Arcadia Just Got Cuter! The evil witch Vexia has taken up residence in the garden in the center of Arcadia, and she`s conducting all sorts of creepy experiments! The Heroes are going to need the help of some animal companions to take on this foe in Arcadia Quest: Pets, which unleashes Pets to player`s Guilds, each with their own miniature and dashboard. With twelve different animals up for adoption, players can choose from amazing new friends, like Puff the Dragon, Padfeet the Wolfie, and Rawr the Lion.

In this campaign expansion for Arcadia Quest, or Arcadia Quest: Inferno, players will make their way to the heart of the Magical Gardens of Arcadia to face the pet-obsessed witch, Vexia, and her pack of mutated beasts. To help them brave this all-new campaign, the Heroes will have the loyal help of the most adorable of companions: Pets!

This expansion introduces a major new element to Arcadia Quest in the form of Pets. These cute little critters can follow your Heroes around the map or scout ahead on their own, using their unique abilities to help their owners and hinder their enemies. Face Wild Pets in order to capture them and add them to your guild. Evolve your Pets through different levels, and upgrade them with Pet items to make them even more resourceful.

No game master is required. Become the ultimate Guild by recruiting Heroes (with the addition of the new nature-bound Oak and Greenhood) and sniffing around for the loot to build unstoppable combinations! Going on a quest is made all the more fun with the addition of Pets!


  • 1 Campaign Book
  • 1 Campaign Sheet pad
  • 3 double-sided game tiles
  • 2 Hero cards
  • 20 Monster cards
  • 20 Upgrade cards
  • 10 Quest cards
  • 4 Pet dashboards
  • 16 pet color bases
  • 24 highly detailed plastic miniatures

Not a complete game.