Antiquity Quest

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Collect. Combine. Complete
Year 2019
Number of Players 2-8
Time 30-90 Minutes
Ages 10+
Mechanics Hand Management, Set Collection
Theme Ancient, Civilization, Archaeology
Game Video

URGENT! Professor Remington Needs Your Help!                                                       Are you brave enough to lend your aid?

Locate priceless antiquities and organize them for safekeeping in this re-imagining of the timeless classic 'Hand & Foot'.

Nigel Remington, professor of archaeology, once again foiled the plans of the infamous antiquity hunter, Tess Wynter! His brave exploits saved a priceless artifact that will now be displayed for all to see in the Royal Museum.

However, work remains to be done! Countless other priceless antiquities and treasures from ancient civilizations must also be located and organized so they can be sent for safekeeping.

Here's what to expect in this bold and exciting deck collection game:

  • You'll strive to create collections of Antiquities and Treasures.
  • The more challenging a collection is to complete the more it's worth.
  • Beware! Your competitors can, and will seek to sabotage your efforts.
  • Careful planning, brilliant strategy, and a stroke of luck will bring you success!


  • Rule Book
  • 6 Player Reference Boards
  • 220 Cards
  • Score Pad