Alien Frontiers: Factions Expansion (2017)

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Now that the potential of this new frontier has been realized, powerful factions have begun vying for control over the new frontier of Planet Maxwell!

Secret brotherhoods, populist movements, wealthy companies, and nomadic refugees alike are all vying for control of this new world.

Each group brings unique abilities and methods to the conflict, as well as their own hidden motivations...

The frontier awaits, citizen, and your faction needs you!

Factions includes everything you need to add a fifth player to Alien Frontiers, 8 new Alien Tech cards to expand your technological arsenal, 24 Agenda cards that earn you Victory Points for completing hidden objectives, and 8 individual Faction boards that give their owners an exclusive bonus as well as providing another facility that anyone can use... for a price.

8 Purple Colony Tokens
6 Purple dice
1 Purple Scoring Rocket
8 Faction Boards
8 Alien Tech cards
24 Agenda cards
1 Rulebook