Alien Artifacts

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Humanity has rushed into space, spreading wide and developing a range of powers, cultures and civilizations. Discovering the powerful artifacts of an alien race boosted humanity's developement and escalated the conflicts between factions, setting the known universe on fire.

Alien Artifacts is a sci-fi style card game with players leading interstellar factions.

Build your space fleet, research technologies, and explore the galaxy for anything - or anyone - you can exploit.

Master the incredibly smooth card management system, establishing efficient combos both for gameplay development and end scoring conditions. Acquire new cards, assemble them as part of your empire, choosing which card side suits your development path best.

Alien Artifacts create new powers and leaders. Be the one who dominates the others!

240 Cards (63x88mm), including: Ship cards, Technology Cards, Planet Cards, Resources Cards, Defense Plans cards, Alien System cards, Alien Artifact cards, and Faction cards.
10 wooden markers, 6 faction boards, 1 scoring board, 38 blockade tokens, 1 starting player token, 1 round marker, 5 player aid tiles, 1 Basic Defense plan tile, a rulebook.