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Albion is what the Celts used to call England. This fascinating game recreates the conquest and defence of ancient Albion.
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Designer Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Year 2009
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Time 60 Minutes
Ages 10+
Mechanics Area Control / Area Influence, Worker Placement
Theme Ancient
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The game focuses on clever decisions on the order of development: More movement, more resources, better defenses, or more patricians and legionaries? You will need all of these, but what to choose at any one point? The first player to own 3 fully developed settlements wins the game.

To be successful in the game, the players have to cleverly choose their settlements, castles and fortifications as well as carefully plan the development of these. They have to balance the different resources, their defense and the number of nobles and legionnaires. In fact, all of those are necessary, but the different choices have to be carefully timed.


  • 84 resources
  • 48 resource plants
  • 48 settlements
  • 36 fortresses
  • 35 Picts
  • 28 movement markers
  • 24 ramparts
  • 16 settlers
  • 12 legionanaires
  • 1 board
  • 1 start player marker
  • 1 rulebook