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Youve not only heard of secret temples hidden around the island of Thera, but you actually have maps that tell you their locations. In order to fund your excavation, you will have to ship resources found on surrounding islands back to the resource-poor island of Thera.

In Akrotiri which is the dig site on the island of Thera players place Land tiles in order to make the board match the maps that they have in their hands. Players earn points by excavating bigger temples and by excavating temples that are further away from Thera. Secret goal cards keep everyone guessing who the victor is until the end!

Starting board
Market board
2 Player aids
2 Boats
12 Temples
36 Land tiles
36 Map cards
13 Goal cards
32 Ressources cubes
15 x 1-Drachma pieces
10 x 5-Drachma pieces