Age of Towers: The Winx Expansion

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Magical crystals are in short supply! The Magical University of the Celestial Order is counting on you to solve these supplying issues. With the Flying City as your operational base, you start to extract the minerals. Unfortunately, it does not take long for the monsters - never mind Ted the Giant - to find the location of your new underground galleries...

One more player. One more mini-boss. New Quest and Event cards. New Trophies.

Contents: 5 cards per language, 6 towers with upgrades, 4 trophies, 17 creature tokens, 3 boards (mini-boss, mine, city), 6 markers (3 actions, 3 bosses), 1 guard cube, 9 road tiles, 1 city tile, 10 crystals, 1 rule book

This expansion requires the Age of Towers core box to play.