Age of Towers

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Youve just found a mine filled with energy crystals ! Precisely those you use for your daily magic. The problem here is that youv just stumbled onto a Hord of monsters. And to get things even worse, the other cities seem to have discovered the existence of that mine as well. You dont have a choice, its them or you, with the monsters in the middle

In approximately 60 minutes game for 2 to 4 players, or alone with the included solo mode, you will have to build towers to protect the path leading to your city and send back the monsters to wherever they came from (or to your neighbours place, it works too, and its actually more efficient).


The game is played over a series of rounds. A round consists of 4 phases :

Dusk : Resolve the event card that was revealed during the previous round. Then, reveal the next event card that will be resolved next round. Prepare yourself accordingly !

Night : The creatures on your road move toward your city, and invade it if able! But thats not all: two new monsters or maybe the boss himself come out of the mine !

Dawn : Open fire with your towers to repel the approaching menace.

Day : You must take two actions among the following:

Build a tower and play a quest card.
Extend your road and play a quest card.
Go to the market (play an available card) and play a quest card.
Quest (draw 2 quest cards).
The game ends when a player loses their last guard or captures their boss.

The player with the most points wins the game.

1 event board, 14 event cards, 1 first player tile, 1 phase marker, 12 trophies and 5 markers, 4 expansion tiles, 57 quest cards and 2 markers, 30 towers and their upgrades (10 per color), 60 crystals, 40 monster tokens, 1 boss board, 4 boss tokens, 9 demoniac spell cards, 1 demon monster token, 1 demonic spell track, 4 city boards (1 per player), 12 action markers (3 per player), 12 boss markers (3 per player), 4 guard cubes (1 per player), 4 game help cards (1 per player), 4 city tiles (1 per player), 36 road tiles (9 per player), 4 mine entrance boards (1 per player), 1 rulebook