7th Sea CCG: Strange Vista Booster Box

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7th Seas Strange Vistas sealed booster box.

7th Seas Strange Vistas sealed booster box.

The battle to control the seas of Théah rages on! As Guy McCormick continues to search for his lost wife, the wily Sea Dogs steal a fabulous treasure from Reis's Crimson Rogers. The Brotherhood of the Coast dodges both the Castillian armada and the clever traps of Montaigne's General, while beneath the the waves, hidden forces draw near, hoping to turn the tide one way or another. Join Phillip Gosse and his gentleman pirates as they travel in search of one last adventure. Cruise the seas of the Crescent Empire with the fanatical Kheired-Din. Learn deadly new schools of fighting and ply the foamy brine in search of everlasting glory. It's all waiting inside!

Each box contains 36 booster packs. Each pack contains 15 cards.