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500 piece Anatolian puzzle

Travel Labs - Artist - Greg Cuddiford

A Man's best friend and two of them to travel with on your journeys.  Picture perfect in a suitcase ready to go. Assembling these two beauties will want you to take your pets with you on all your adventures.  Enjoy!!

This 500 piece puzzle is Made in Turkey for Anatolian

All puzzles are made of recyclable products in both our puzzles and our packaging.
Puzzle consists of uninterrupted whole parts that fully fit each other. Irregular key pieces are added to the puzzle. These dual pieces are meant to be one complete piece. The aim of irregular key pieces help the users to complete the puzzle much more easier. Our puzzles come with a handy stand, used to hold the box cover. If you are missing a piece, we offer a free lost piece replacement. Fill in the form and we’ll send it to you free of charge please go to our website for this.

Approx finished size  is  33 cm X 48 cm