4D Cityscape Puzzle: The Lord Of The Rings - Middle Earth Map

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Journey Through Middle-Earth and Rebuild the Towns, Mountains and Villages!

Set between the western Great Sea of Belegaer and the East Sea, the vast continent of Middle-earth rises from the center of the universe. To the northern edge of the continent lays a frozen wasteland, where a hardy tribe of Men once lived. To the east and south, the barbaric allies of Sauron roam deserts and uncharted territories. It is in the expansive Westlands, the northwestern region of Middle-earth, that much of the action of The Lord of the Rings occurs. The Westlands are composed of unique regions that are distinguishable by culture, climate, history, and inhabitants, all of which have shifted and evolved over centuries of wars and realignments in Middle-earth. Embark upon a journey through time and place as you traverse this complex landscape, learning about its peoples and past along your way. As you construct this expansive world, you will visit Frodo Baggins in Hobbiton, battle the Orcs at Helm's Deep, reach the peaks of the Weathertop and the depths of Mount Doom, and gain an entirely new understanding of the rich and layered stories behind this epic land.