2000 pcs - Poisons and Potions

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Think your pantry is a bit of a mess? Take a look into this larder where you can find potions, poisons, and mythical creatures! Need a bottle of rose water? Be careful you don't disturb the dragon that's napping right beside it!
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Cut Style Ribbon Cut
Piece Size Standard
Assembled Size 98cm x 75cm
Artist Zoe Sadler

Take a glimpse inside this incredible larder where potions, poisons and strange creatures live. A dragon, unicorn, owl and more besides sit amongst the strangely labelled bottles. Some of the bottled potions look quite safe: lavender oil, witch hazel and rose water but be very careful working with the Blood of the Undead, Sleeping Death Potion, Wormwood and Wolf's Bane. Escape the stresses of the day and enter your very own world of magic with this colourful and complex puzzle.