10 x 10 Challenge Board

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10 games, 10 times each. Can you play 100 games?
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10 games, 10 times each. Can you play 100 games?

It has become a gaming tradition to start the calendar year with a 10x10 challenge. Why? Well, it’s common as a hobby gamer to keep buying new games, but what about all those other great games on your shelves? Have you got some that really need to be played a number of times in order to truly learn and appreciate them? If so, pick 10 and give them each 10 plays through, and you can earn a badge of honor.

But whether you’re starting in January or any other time of the year, our Challenge Board will help you track your progress so you can keep your eyes on the prize.

Your 10 green meeples start the challenge to the left of the whiteboard space. Write the names of your games on the whiteboard with dry or wet erase markers. When your gaming begins, move the meeples along the track to mark each game played. When all 10 meeples reach the tenth spot… challenge completed!