10 Dice

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So, the concept is very simple; I will explain it to you in no time. If I tell you, "yellow - sky - hot", what are you thinking?
"Sun"? Bingo, you understand how 10 Dice works!
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Designer Yves Hirschfeld, Thierry Saeys
Year 2020
Number of Players 2-8
Time 30-45min
Ages 10+
Mechanics Communication Limits, Dice Rolling, Team-Based Game
Theme Guessing
Game Video

Each round, you roll 10 dice. There are words on these dice. the goal is to find an idea born from association of these words, and that idea can be whatever you want: an object, a character, a locations, a title... there's no limit! Anything is allowed - well, almost!

And the best thing is that you can have fun two different ways: by forming two teams for a supercharged competitive mode, or playing all together in a cooperative mode that offers a nice challenge.

Above all, never forget: Any idea is a good idea! So have fun!

  • Roll the dice and pick out words as clues to your secret answer
  • Teams take turn guessing your secret answer based on your clues
  • Guess the right answer and score for your team!
  • Contents include 24 custom clue word dice, 2 pawns, 1 double sided board, 1 dice tray, 1 rulebook