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You've Got Crabs Card Game

Designer: Matthew Inman, Elan Lee
Year: 2018
Minimum Players: 4 Players
Maximum Players: 10 Players
Ages: 7+
Item Number: 866795000331
Manufacturer: MISC GAMES
Manufacturer Part No.: CRABS-CORE
You've Got Crabs is a party game from the creators of Exploding Kittens and The Oatmeal!

    How to play:
  • pick a partner and establish a secret signal, like touching your nose or blinking a lot
  • collect crab cards and try to get a matching set
  • if you get a matching set, you have crabs. Try to communicate this to your partner using your secret signal. If your partner yells "YOU'VE GOT CRABS," you get a point
  • if an opponent figures it out first and yells "YOU'VE GOT CRABS," you lose a point
  • whoever catches the most crabs wins.

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