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Wok Star Board Game (3rd Edition)

Designer: Jeff Beck (II), Tim Fowers
Year: 2018
Minimum Players: 2 Players
Maximum Players: 4 Players
Time: 1 Hour
Ages: 10+
Out of stock
Price (CAN): $54.95
Item Number: 656793985422
Manufacturer: Fowers Games
Manufacturer Part No.: NA
A cooperative board game of restaurant management. Includes several new mechanics, including:

Grocery Runs Rolling the dice multiple times during around keeps a bad roll from ruining your entire game
Hustle New tools to help you modify dice and streamline interactions between players
House Special Alternative pathway to victory allowing players to double-down on existing recipes rather than expanding into new ones
MSG Cubes Using your own dice goes down easy. Using another player's dice can be a bit more challenging
Advertising Gain new potential customers - but can you serve them all?

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