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The Princess and the Goblin Card Game

Year: 2017
Minimum Players: 1 Player
Maximum Players: 4 Players
Ages: 7+
Out of stock
Price (CAN): $27.95
Item Number: 019962227509
Manufacturer: MISC GAMES
Manufacturer Part No.: BWR0511
When the young Princess Irene noticed her special golden thread led straight into the goblin kingdom under the mountain, she did not hesitate, but followed it at once. There in the dark she discovered her friend, the miner boy Curdie, who had been trapped while searching for clues to the goblins' evil plans. Now together, they must make a daring escape. Can you retrace Irene's steps through the dark maze of caverns, using only her special golden thread as your guide?

In the tile-laying game The Princess and the Goblin, you explore the goblin's vast underground cave network in search of clues. When you think you've discovered enough clues to save the kingdom, flip all of the tiles of your escape path in the correct order to find your way home. You win if you can escape the mountain and find more clues than any of your opponents, but take care the goblins don't catch you!


36 Cardboard Tiles
16 Cardboard Tokens
Full Color Rule Book

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