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Star Trek Panic Board Game

Designer: Justin De Witt
Year: 2016
Minimum Players: 1 Player
Maximum Players: 6 Players
Time: 90 mins
Ages: 13+
Mechanic: Co-operative
Item Number: 700304047472
Manufacturer: USAopoly
Space…The Final Frontier. In this cooperative game, you will boldly go where no one has gone before, as you take on the roles of Kirk, Spock, and other crew members of the U.S.S. Enterprise. To complete your mission and win the game, you must work together to defend the ship from alien threats while you perform vital tasks and explore strange new worlds and new civilizations.

1 Enterprise Ship
1 Enterprise base
6 shield pieces
1 game board
1 bag for threat tokens
31 3-sided threat tokens
6 damaged shield indicators
6 damaged hull indicators
6 destroyed hull indicators
8 mission specific tokens
6 mission indicators
2 circular tokens (Force Fields and no Maneuver)
7 character cards
6 turn order reminder cards
20 oversized cards
62 enterprise Cards
1 d6

This item is discontinued and is limited to 1 per person.

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