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Settlers of Catan: Seafarers 5-6 Player Expansion

Year: 1999
Out of stock
Price (CAN): $23.95
Item Number: 29877004928
Manufacturer: Mayfair Games
  • 30 Wooden Ships (15 In Each of 2 Colors)
  • 8 Ocean Hex Tiles
  • 1 Gold Field Hex Tile
  • 6 Victory Point Tokens
  • 10 Exciting New Scenarios

The 5-6 Player Expansion for The Seafarers of Catan allows you to add 1-2 more opponents without sacrificing ease of play. Try one of ten new exciting scenarios! Designed for 5-6 players, it adds even more drama to the award-winning game of seafaring, exploration, and trade.


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Please make sure this is the edition of Catan you are looking for! This is an expansion for the 3rd Edition, not the newest edition! All sales on this product are only available online, and are final!

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