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Sagrada Board Game

Designer: Adrian Adamescu, Daryl Andrews
Year: 2017
Minimum Players: 1 Player
Maximum Players: 4 Players
Time: 30 mins
Ages: 14+
Cards included: 40
Approximate suggested sleeves: 64mmX89mm, 80mmX90mm
Item Number: 728028379730
Manufacturer: Floodgate Games
Manufacturer Part No.: FGGSA01
As a skilled artisan, use tools-of-the-trade and careful planning to construct a stained glass window masterpiece in the Sagrada Familia. Gain prestige by adapting to the preferences of your fickle admirers, and, of course, by adding your own artistic flair while completing your glass masterpiece in Sagrada, a game of dice-drafting and window-crafting.

90 Translucent Dice
4 Player Boards
12 Window Pattern Cards
12 Tool Cards
15 Objective Cards
1 Dice Bag
1 Round Track
4 Score Markers
24 Favor Tokens

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