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Parfum Board Game

Designer: Marco Ruskowski, Marcel Süßelbeck
Minimum Players: 2 Players
Maximum Players: 4 Players
Ages: 8+
Item Number: 4010350101421
Manufacturer: QUEEN GAMES
A game by Marco Ruskowski and Marcel Süßelbeck for two to four players.

Parfum takes the players to the wonderful world of fragrances.

Using ingredients like vanilla, lavender or violets, the players distill precious essences in order to create unique perfumes. But each customer has their own preferences, so even the most charming symphony of fragrances must satisfy the tastes of the wealthy clientele, so that they buy your creations. Choose your Aroma dice skillfully to obtain the right fragrance notes to create the most desired perfume. Watch your customer’s desires to become the most successful perfumer.

The perfumes are created by assembling the perfume sides of two or three fragrance notes. Minor perfumes consist of a head note (upper part) and a base note (lower part), while major perfumes have an additional heart note (middle part). The icons on the left show the fragrance components of a perfume.
The formula side of a fragrance note indicates the flavors needed to create (that is, take) the fragrance note as well as the fragrances contained in the finished perfume. The value in coins shows how much money a player earns for distilling this note. The flacon icon and its background color indicate the type of fragrance note (head, heart or base note). The players distill the 5 different ingredients by rolling the Aroma dice – violet, bergamot, rose, vanilla and lavender. The sides of a die show either a flask (successful distillation) or a fly (failed distillation). At the start of each game round, each player chooses one clock, thus determining when they wake up. A player who wakes up earlier has a greater choice of fragrance notes and customers, but has fewer actions at their disposal. A player who wakes up later has fewer choices but can perform more actions due to being well-rested!

1 game board
42 fragrance notes
15 aroma dice
25 customers
25 water well tokens
25 flacons
7 clocks
4 scoring markers
4 perfumeries
1 closing time token
1 cloth bag
1 rules booklet

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