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Otys Board Game

Designer: Claude Lucchini
Year: 2017
Minimum Players: 2 Players
Maximum Players: 4 Players
Time: 1 Hour
Ages: 14+
Cards included: 32
Approximate suggested sleeves: 44mmX68mm
Item Number: 3558380050421
Manufacturer: Libellud
Manufacturer Part No.: OTY01
Explore the ruins from the past to rebuild the future

Mid-22nd century, after 300 years of unconsciousness, the water rising engulfs the last emerged lands. Fighting for their lives, the survivor’s settlements must remain above the sea level. You live in the Otys colony and you must retrieve the past civilizations debris in the depths to build the future of humanity.

Your diver’s team is trained to bring up the most useful materials remaining in the depths. You need to use them wisely to fulfill the contracts offered by the Colony and thus obtain more notoriety than your contenders. Your divers lay at different depths; it is up to you to best match their special abilities with the bonuses offered by the Colony. But beware! Your diver’s oxygen is limited, and as soon as they have accomplished their mission, they must go up to the surface. Try to manage all the parameters of your team in a profitable way, so the Colony will reward you more than it will the others!

Otys is an optimization and development game copublished by Pearl Games and Libellud. Optimize your game in order to match the depth of your divers, their special abilities and the Colony bonuses. That is how you will supply the best contracts and win.

The future is built from the past...

1 Colony Board
5 Sponsor Tiles
4 Player Boards
4 Sets of 8 Diver Tiles
8 Technician Tiles
4 Player Markers
80 Resource Cubes
32 Contract Cards
133 Various Tokens
1 Bag

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