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News @ 11 Card Game

Designer: John R. Burns, Jonathan Gilmour, Travis Magrum, Ian Moss, James Schoch
Year: 2015
Minimum Players: 3 Players
Maximum Players: 6 Players
Ages: 8+
Mechanic: Storytelling
Theme: Humour, Party
Item Number: 728028444131
Manufacturer: Floodgate Games
Manufacturer Part No.: FGGNW01
Fill in cue cards and incorporate the topics on them into your segment as you deliver the news. Stories from the morning come back in the afternoon and evening, getting stranger and more tangled each time. Have players who don't want to talk? Great! We included the "Producer" cards just for them! No points, no scoring, just a hilarious time breaking the news!

146 Cue Cards
10 Segment Cards
6 Producer Cards
1 Marker
1 Rulebook

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