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Netrunner Data Pack: Sovereign Sight (Kitara Cycle Data Pack 1)

Item Number: 841333104191
Manufacturer: Asmodee
Manufacturer Part No.: FFGADN50
With its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards), Sovereign Sight leads Android: Netrunner and the Kitara Cycle to the shores of Lake Victoria. Here, the members of the Sub-Saharan League (SSL) work tirelessly to construct a new link between the world of dirt and the limitless expanse beyond Earth's atmosphere. But even as their labors and ambitions have put the world on notice, they are driving the region full-speed into a time of crisis.

This massive undertaking—loaded with political, social, and economic significance—cannot afford a single weakness. Weaknesses could be corrupted, exploited, or exploded. There's the funding the SSL hopes to receive from New Beijing. There's the Weyland Consortium, who don't wish to see the SSL succeed, and who will do all they can to prevent the project's scientists from uncovering the secrets of their buckyweave. And while the SSL's dreams may have brought an end to the bloody guerrilla warfare waged between Nigeria and Soufrika, there's a terrible fragility to the current peace—one that even a single assassin's blade could shatter.

This is a time and a place where the stakes are almost impossibly high, and those with talent and vision may find the world at their feet. It's not just a second Earth Station that's being created on the waters of Lake Victoria—it's the future.

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