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Murder a la Carte Murder Mystery Game Chinese Takeout (USED)

Maximum Players: 6 Players
Time: 3+ hrs
Ages: Adult
Item Number: 0086362009095
Manufacturer Part No.: N/A
This a complete, used copy of the game. The box has over two decades of wear, however integrity of the contents within are kept. Copies of the game's invites has been used to replace damaged originals.

A murder mystery for 6 players

The scene is a San Francisco townhouse filled with memories of Emily Boggs' days in China. The past has become present in the person of Anita Mumm. A long lost daughter? Or is she an imposter? Dinner turns deadly when Mrs. Boggs' fortune cookie predicts no future... for her.

Party Planner Booklet containing menu and recipe suggestions, music and decorating tips.
Character booklets for all six suspects, includes their roles and background information
Six place cards
Six Party Invitations and Envelopes
Six secret clues
Cassette tape with an introduction, summary of events and the solution to the crime

The Characters:
Chew Chow
Penny Sylan
Axel Dent
Lai Low
Him Wong
Anita Mumm

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